First Edition Flying Fathers Hockey Jersey

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Purchase a part of history!

The Flying Fathers are releasing jerseys for the first time in their 60 years of operation, beginning with this limited-time first edition. The Flying Fathers were founded in 1963 and met with tremendous success. By the early 1970s they needed a logo and jerseys. Mr. Sam Jacks, Director of Parks and Recreation for the town of North Bay, Ontario, sketched the first draft of the emblem. Fr. John Caswell had it approved by North Bay Bishop Alexander Carter and it was off to the presses.

The logo features a Catholic priest looking up in surprise at the halo that has been placed on his head. He knows he is ‘knot’ a saint, indicated by the small knot in his halo. The Flying Fathers are men like any other, but we have dedicated our lives to serving God and one way we do so is by ‘Playing and Praying’. 

†The priest who gets the least support will receive a pie in the face at the next Flying Fathers game.

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